Notre inspiration : nos recettes de famille !

Our inspiration: our family recipes!

Family recipes passed down from generation to generation are the base of our inspiration to create the flavors of the Cooking Sauce Bars.

My grandmother Marguerite is the "cordon-bleu" of the family. What a pleasure to go to eat at Grandma's, it's always delicious, balanced and cooked with love, that's for sure!

 She's the one who gave good habits to my mother Véronique, who in return passed them on to us and which I am now trying to do the same with my 3 and a half year old daughter.

Home cooking has always been important to our family, it's a real lifestyle that we strive to cultivate. Our cuisine is filled in flavors from around the world. This is explained by our diverse origins and our history marked by travel. Are you ready to discover our journey?

The story of my grandparents:
My grandmother Marguerite was born in the North of France. There she met my grandfather Dominique with Sicilian origin but born in Tunisia. They had their first child in Paris and decided, as a family, to immigrate to Montreal in 1969. They are still living there, it's been now 54 years ...

The story of my parents:
My mother Véronique grew up and studied here. She met my father, Azzedine, a newly arrived Moroccan student. We have to believe that history repeats itself because together, they decide to settle in Morocco to build their family there and live in Casablanca for 20 years. This is where my brother, sister and I were born and raised.

Our story today:
It has now been more than 20 years since my parents decided to return to settle in Quebec. Montreal, our city, it's where our entire maternal family has lived for over 50 years. This life story between France, the Mediterranean, Morocco and Quebec is rich and fascinating. We have made the best of it and keep, among other things, all these tasty recipes from our childhood. That's what we want to share with you, through the Cooking Sauce Bars.

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