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Bar To Cook

Box of 10 - Spanish flavour

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Have you tasted the Spanish bar and 

now you can't live without it ?

No worries, we got you ! We have a box of 10 Spanish flavour bars.

Treat your self and save money !

A recipe in 20 minutes only!

3 easy steps to make your favorite dish 🔥

1. Brown your ingredients.
2. Add gravy bar to cook.
Melt with 2 cups water for a gravy dish or 4 cups for a main course soup.
You can also use another liquid according to the recipe, coconut milk, cream.
3.Simmer 20 minutes and you're done!< /p>

Nutritional Facts

We only use natural ingredients:

✅ Cocoa butter
✅ Organic vegetable powders
✅ Organic spices

A product without:

❌ Yeast
❌ Added sugar
❌ Flavor enhancer
❌ Preservative
❌ Artificial flavor or coloring


Moroccan: Cocoa butter, tomato*, parsley*, onion*, garlic*, salt, paprika*, cumin*, coriander*, turmeric*, cayenne pepper* , soy lecithin, lemon essential oil.
Contains: Soy *Organic ingredients

Spanish: Cocoa butter, tomato*, red pepper* , onion*, garlic*, salt, soy lecithin, saffron.
Contains: Soy *Organic Ingredients

Mediterranean: Cocoa Butter, Tomato*, Basil*, Onion*, Thyme*, Salt, Garlic*, Soy Lecithin.
Contains: Soy *Organic ingredients

Indian: Cocoa butter, tomato*, curry* (turmeric, coriander, ginger, cinnamon, fenugreek, onion,< br/>black pepper, cloves, nutmeg), onion*, garlic*, cumin*, salt, ginger*, cayenne pepper*, soy lecithin,
coriander*, turmeric*
Contains: Soy *Organic ingredients

Tex-Mex: Cocoa butter, tomato*, chili* (paprika, coriander, cumin , garlic, beetroot, oregano, chilli,
salt), onion*, garlic*, salt, soy lecithin.
Contains: Soy *Organic Ingredients

Gluten Free

The cooking sauce bars are gluten free.

The vegetable and spice powders we use are organic. p>

Lactose Free

The cooking sauce bars are lactose-free.

Cocoa butter is the fat in cocoa that gives all the silkiness to your recipe.


The cooking sauce bars are vegan.

The ingredients that make them up are all vegan (cocoa butter, vegetables and spices).