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So proud of him !

So proud of him!

Last night, we attended Demo Day 2022 of the Rémi-Marcoux course powered by the HEC Montreal Entrepreneurial Base, for the presentation of incubated companies and the pitch competition.

My brother, Kamil, has spent the last 6 months there and was part of the cohort of 14 projects. 14 great projects that I invite you to discover; such inspiring entrepreneurs!

I am so proud of him, of the project he presented with his company GIVEO. But beyond the project itself, it's to see its strong entrepreneurial spirit that makes me very proud.

Every time he is in an environment where entrepreneurship is put forward, he excels, he is in his element, stimulated, creative and so convincing...

Our family has always been immersed in the world of entrepreneurship. Taking risks, putting ourselves in danger, confronting our ideas, innovating, thinking outside the box, not doing like the others... I think that's what drives us.

Kamil is one of the pillars of The Foodie Family, with my mother Véronique and myself Nadia. He has always been by our side to develop the brand image, the marketing strategy and even the business model. Without him, nothing would be the same.

So even if he goes on new adventures because of his own projects, he remains by our side to share his ideas and move the company forward. I wanted through this article say thank you Kamil!

As you will have understood, The Foodie Family is a family story, a story of heart and passion. We obviously talk about recipes and new products that we want to develop, but we also talk a lot about entrepreneurship. It's a state of mind that drives us.

Soon you will be able to read other articles about our family and the products we develop. We have some nice surprises in store for you.

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