Poulet à la méditerranéenne | Barre de sauce Méditerranéenne

Mediterranean chicken | Mediterranean Bar to Cook

Ingredients (in order)

- 3 tbsp of olive oil
- 2 big chicken thighs
- Salt & pepper (to taste)
- 2 cups of water
- 1/2 a can of diced tomatoes
- Half of a zucchini and onion
- Mix of red, orange and yellow bell pepper

** You can take all of the vegetables that you have in your fridge, no need to be exactly the same. :)


1- Brown your chicken thighs on the olive oil in a large pan
2- Reserve your chicken
3- Add the MEDITERRANEAN Bar to Cook and 2 cups of water
4- Add the diced tomatoes and all of the vegetables
5- Add the chicken back in the pan with the vegetables
6- With a spoon, put some of the sauce on top of the chicken
7- Let in cook covered for 15 minutes
8- Serve and enjoy ! ;)

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